Pricing (or not)

You can [download] Vortimo for free and it will be fully functional for up to 30 visits and 2 projects. If you are need more than that you need to submit a request – meaning – write an email to us and tell us a bit more about yourself.

If you are a company or government institution and you’re using Vortimo in your investigations you need to [buy a license here]. It’s simple and clear. Please do the right thing.

Thus, in all likelihood – and unless you manage to be rude or impatient or you’re a company – we will issue you a license. It’s true – you can likely exchange a lightly worded email for a full license. Just remember that the downside of free stuff is that support is offered at “best-effort” levels.

To get the process going –  email support at or use the web form [here].