TLDR; Chrome extension that automates your browser. Use in conjunction with Vortimo (or anything else – Hunchly etc). Open source. Find it at

Tutorial / Use case video below:

Some time ago I wrote a super simple Python script that only took as input a list of URLs and used Selenium to browse to it, and scroll down a bit. What made it interesting was that I could add the Vortimo extension in the Selenium browser. It meant that I could log in to any of the social networks and give the script a list of profiles – and then come back a little later and all the profiles would be indexed inside Vortimo where I could search for any text, pictures, names etc.

I showed the script to someone at a conference and as I was showing it I realized two things – 1) it was VERY useful 2) it would do SO much better as Chrome extension. It meant that you didn’t have to get Python, Selenium etc etc.

About 3 weeks later AutoVort was born! With the right configuration it can of course be used to ‘scrape’ profiles – and that’s against the terms of use of most sites. For that reason we’re not officially supporting it but rather open sourcing it. Feel free to change it how you see fit. If you make useful changes – let us know and we’ll update it so that everyone can win.

For now we’re not hosting the extension on our Chrome Store – but we might in the future.