To understand what Vortimo is all about you may [flip through these couple of slides].

To learn how to use Vortimo – click [here] to watch the tutorial. This post is about what’s new in Beta4.

[Internal Version c07ae02]. After about 4 months of silence we’re finally ready to let you see Beta 4 of Vortimo. It has been said before – but again – this is most likely the last Beta before we go commercial.

TLDR; – Right click on pages and images and follow prompts. Also sometimes press Ctrl Q.

What’s new in Beta 4? All sort of Really Useful Goodies:

  1. Take a screenshot of a piece of the web page you’re on and annotate it immediately – and it shows up in your report.

You can click on the ‘Screen grab’ item in the nugget – or just hit Ctrl Q.

Select the area you want to capture. If you want to annotate the capture just click on the ‘Note’ button. To finish press ESC or Enter or just click off the frame:

That’s it! Now it’s in the UI – and directly in the report:

This even works for dynamic content – such as important frames in videos or those pesky sites that try to render newspapers… like they’re real newspapers.

2. Sometimes you don’t want to take a picture of the screen – you want to tag the image itself. Think about images where you want to preserve the Exif info – or where images are 2000 x 3000 but it’s rendered in the browser as 256 x 171. Or those ones where you don’t want to upload the image but you want to do reverse image search. For this we made it super easy to tag images – just right click on it. For instance:

Just like the previous method we also you to annotate the image immediately in the browser (if you don’t want to, just hit ESC or click off the text area):

Once you’ve done it – it already shows up in the UI:

And of course – it’s directly visible in the report:

3. We moved page tagging from the nugget into the page itself.

Consistent with the rest of the design we find it’s a lot easier to tag pages by right clicking on the page. Like with the other functions you can annotate the page immediately and without having to go back to the UI:

4. User defined Exif fields.

Seeing the entire Exif of an image is tedious and mostly it’s not that interesting. We created user-define list of Exif fields that ARE interesting. Vortimo will show you these separately so you can see cool stuff immediately:

Above mentioned fields separated from the others. The full Exif still contains everything and all fields are still searchable – but it looks a bit like this:

As new interesting fields are found we’ll add them to the default list (you can add your own too!). If you have a pet Exif field that missing – email us and we’ll add it.

Oh ja – we’ve created a section for Setting. And other cool things. Small things. All good things. We hope you’re going to enjoy using Vortimo Beta 4.