Competing in the TraceLab’s CTF (26 March 2022)

March 28th, 2022|

We entered a team called BoomBoomLemon and finished 7th of 187 teams. For context, the TraceLab CTF (or SearchParty as it's also called) is a competition to find missing people using OSINT. You can learn more about what TraceLabs are [...]

Version 1.2

December 30th, 2021|

Vortimo 1.2 is [good to go]. The main features of this release are: Upgrade of OrientDB More stable server start-up OrientDB less likely to crash and corrupt data (yay) Integration of OSINT-tool Chrome extension's functionality into the Vortimo extension Making [...]

Vortimo Version One

July 13th, 2021|

Tomorrow we will be releasing Vortimo 1.0 to the world. We have worked on this product for almost one thousand days. The last beta we released was in March 2020. It means that for more than a year, this project [...]

Installing Vortimo extension on other browsers

March 11th, 2021|

The Vortimo extension can be installed on any popular Chromium based browser including: Chrome (duh) Microsoft Edge (no really, and it's pretty sweet) Brave (good for privacy) Opera (we feel super trendy when using it) The full list is [...]

Christmas / 2021 release

December 18th, 2020|

Since July 2020 we've set our date for the V1.0 release to be 14 January 2021. Who came up with that shitty plan? Well I did of course - thinking that having 6 months (and a bit) to complete a [...]

Timeline from July 2020 to launch

July 7th, 2020|

Timeline from now (July 2020) to January 2021 as follows: 14 Jan 2021: Release Dec 2020: Testing / bug fixes 14 Nov 2020: Code freeze Nov 2020: Optimization, Database migration tool. Oct 2020: Extension control rehaul, server control UI, installer [...]

Side-loading Vortimo extension into Chrome

February 25th, 2020|

With Google taking it's sweet time to approve Vortimo Beta4 we thought we'd show you how to install by side-loading the extension. If you are worried that we do nasty things in the extension's code (hey... you shouldn't trust anyone) [...]

Beta 4 is good to go!

February 20th, 2020|

  To understand what Vortimo is all about you may [flip through these couple of slides]. To learn how to use Vortimo - click [here] to watch the tutorial. This post is about what's new in Beta4. [Internal [...]


December 12th, 2019|

TLDR; Chrome extension that automates your browser. Use in conjunction with Vortimo (or anything else - Hunchly etc). Open source. Find it at Tutorial / Use case video below: Some time ago I wrote a super simple Python script [...]

Tutorial 2

November 12th, 2019|

After the previous grueling 40 minute video you'd think we'd have enough - but there were still a few things missing: With tutorial 2 in place there is no more excuse to not know how Vortimo works! Click on the [...]

Vortimo Tutorial on Test Cricket

November 8th, 2019|

In the lastest episode of OSINTCurious one of the participants (Nico - think it was you! ) said that Vortimo needs a bit of a tutorial because it had 'many buttons' and looked complex. 🙂 And uhmm - he was [...]

Launching Vortimo (again / for real this time)

November 8th, 2019|

Great news! Google has reviewed the extension and - surprise surprise - came to the conclusion that it's not malware. They also gave us an A+ for logo design (they did not). It means that we are all good to [...]

(Not) launching Vortimo

November 1st, 2019|

We launched Vortimo Beta 3 yesterday - after 10 months of development. But, it turns out that Google had other plans. They marked the Chrome extension as 'suspect' - as they should have - we obviously require mad permissions: If [...]

And.. we have a blog

November 1st, 2019|

Ye - it's that typical awkward first post - when you don't really know if it's live when you press publish - or what the formatting is like.. or if your name shows up next to it. It's that post. [...]