Installing Vortimo extension on other browsers

March 11th, 2021|

The Vortimo extension can be installed on any popular Chromium based browser including: Chrome (duh) Microsoft Edge (no really, and it's pretty sweet) Brave (good for privacy) Opera (we feel super trendy when using it) The full list is [...]

Christmas / 2021 release

December 18th, 2020|

Since July 2020 we've set our date for the V1.0 release to be 14 January 2021. Who came up with that shitty plan? Well I did of course - thinking that having 6 months (and a bit) to complete a [...]

Timeline from July 2020 to launch

July 7th, 2020|

Timeline from now (July 2020) to January 2021 as follows: 14 Jan 2021: Release Dec 2020: Testing / bug fixes 14 Nov 2020: Code freeze Nov 2020: Optimization, Database migration tool. Oct 2020: Extension control rehaul, server control UI, installer [...]

Side-loading Vortimo extension into Chrome

February 25th, 2020|

With Google taking it's sweet time to approve Vortimo Beta4 we thought we'd show you how to install by side-loading the extension. If you are worried that we do nasty things in the extension's code (hey... you shouldn't trust anyone) [...]

Beta 4 is good to go!

February 20th, 2020|

  To understand what Vortimo is all about you may [flip through these couple of slides]. To learn how to use Vortimo - click [here] to watch the tutorial. This post is about what's new in Beta4. [Internal [...]


December 12th, 2019|

TLDR; Chrome extension that automates your browser. Use in conjunction with Vortimo (or anything else - Hunchly etc). Open source. Find it at Tutorial / Use case video below: Some time ago I wrote a super simple Python script [...]

Tutorial 2

November 12th, 2019|

After the previous grueling 40 minute video you'd think we'd have enough - but there were still a few things missing: With tutorial 2 in place there is no more excuse to not know how Vortimo works! Click on the [...]

Vortimo Tutorial on Test Cricket

November 8th, 2019|

In the lastest episode of OSINTCurious one of the participants (Nico - think it was you! ) said that Vortimo needs a bit of a tutorial because it had 'many buttons' and looked complex. 🙂 And uhmm - he was [...]

Launching Vortimo (again / for real this time)

November 8th, 2019|

Great news! Google has reviewed the extension and - surprise surprise - came to the conclusion that it's not malware. They also gave us an A+ for logo design (they did not). It means that we are all good to [...]

(Not) launching Vortimo

November 1st, 2019|

We launched Vortimo Beta 3 yesterday - after 10 months of development. But, it turns out that Google had other plans. They marked the Chrome extension as 'suspect' - as they should have - we obviously require mad permissions: If [...]

And.. we have a blog

November 1st, 2019|

Ye - it's that typical awkward first post - when you don't really know if it's live when you press publish - or what the formatting is like.. or if your name shows up next to it. It's that post. [...]