What you get for ~$8 per month
  1. Object view – see how the sites you visited are connected by their content – as opposed to how you visited them.
  2. Unlimited nodes on graph (till you can melt your CPU and memory).
  3. We keep developing and supporting this tool. You’ll be part of a community that helps journalists and OSINT researchers. No seriously – many great tools ends up stale because everyone thought someone else was paying for it.
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Deep state psychology

We price per month. That way it feels like you’re paying less and you’re more likely to buy a license. In turn we get money that we use to develop more cool shit – which you get to use.

To that end, the price is around $8 per month (tax makes it hard to know exactly). That’s less than a single coffee. We know it’s really not, but for now just go with it because that’s how you can justify being impulsive today. We actually hope you subscribe for a few months, then kind of forget that you have a subscription and just keep on paying forever. We’re 100% not making it hard to cancel but we figure that, like us, you’re bad at admin. If you want to skip all that monthly angst you can buy for a year. We’re shielding you from all the complex math – simply click on that link.

Of course there’s a good chance that when you eventually get to the actual check-out page the price will be more than you’ve anticipated. It’s not us ripping you off- it’s tax. Death and taxes, death and taxes.

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How we do it

We hate passwords and license keys so we developed a system that does not use it.

You just use your email address and we’ll send you an OTP. Your email address is your license key.

Lost and confused?

You came here because of that pesky license nag in the extension? Maybe you were mirroring our website for a really ineffective phishing attack? Anyhow – here are some links to make you feel right at home.