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Choose your plan. Any plan. We love making plans. We have the best plans.


forever; well maybe...
  • No support
  • In-house documentation
  • max 2 project
  • max 100 visit per project
  • Latest updates & free upgrades
  • For evaluation purposes


per year
  • Best effort email support
  • In-house documentation
  • max 6 projects
  • max 350 visits per project
  • Latest updates & free upgrades
  • For personal use


per year
  • Premium email support
  • Training videos by real investigators Ω
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Unlimited visits per project
  • Latest updates & free upgrades
  • For company use

* A visit is a combination of a web page and a timestamp. If you go to the same Facebook page ten times but on ten different days it would be ten visits.

Ω Training is performed as a series of videos by [Corma Investigations]. Details to follow.

Quotes? Purchase orders?

Do you need an official looking quote? Do you want to submit your purchase order (PO)? Fear not – soon you can use our Automated Quote and Purchase Order System – or Dennis for short.

For now, please be a darling and just drop us a message [here] or email your POs to accounts@vortimo.com. Splendid!