If you prefer to see Vortimo on a screen, we suggest the awesome [Documentation] page. Alternatively you can see live action videos – with real people [here].

Never lose a web page you’ve been to

Vortimo automatically saves all web pages you’ve visited locally on your hard drive – exactly how you saw them in your browser. Via an unobtrusive control you can switch recording to be on, off or to manual recording mode. You can also toggle tag visibility.

When pages are removed or changed you still have the original.

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Offline replay in evidence-friendly formats

Pages that have been recorded can be played back – exactly how they appeared when you visited them. You can export recorded pages in either PDF, PNG or as MHTML. Vortimo plays nice with other software too – all data elements can be exported in industry standard formats.

You can easily find and recall web page you’ve seen months ago, then present them in evidence-friendly formats.

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Never slow down

All text and images of pages are stored – but you can choose to tag & annotate specific elements for quick enrichment, reporting and recall. You can do it right there in your browser without leaving your browser or the page’re on.

You can keep track of important information without slowing down your investigation.

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Each investigation is a separate project / database. Projects can be exported and shared.

Easily share entire online investigation with other members, organizations. 

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Never scrape again

Objects are extracted from all the pages that you’ve browsed – automatically. We’re talking generic parsing of the text – so it works everywhere. No need for complex recipes or regex code.
[For supported types click here]

Vortimo does it automatically, generically and always.

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Integrates with your existing service providers

The objects extracted from the previous step can now be enriched by [OSINT-tool] using widgets and links. Widgets make API calls to popular service providers and enrich the data even further.

Links are just that – links to popular OSINT sites where you can find more information on the extracted object.

You get to use your existing API providers to further your investigation. Seamlessly.

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