What is Vortimo?

Vortimo is software that helps you with online investigations.

Vortimo turns your boring browser into a super browser. It overlays pages with a heads-up display while it records, recalls, scrapes, enrich, reports and finds web pages you’ve visited before. And it does it all locally on your computer.

Who should use Vortimo?

Vortimo can be used by anyone that uses a browser to research a topic. This includes investigative journalists that are profiling individuals or companies, intelligence analysts using open-source intelligence (OSINT), IT security personnel or even academics doing domain specific research.

Vortimo organises information collected from your browser – so it does not matter if you’re browsing the web, using social networks or visiting your company’s intranet.

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What people say

“Vortimo is very useful for preserving your OSINT searches as well as getting a quick overview on where to pivot based on data.”

Nico Dekens, Dutch OSINT Guy

“Highly recommended for anyone who does OSINT or just any sort of research. Really, really handy!”

“Seriously worth checking for anyone that uses a browser.”

“Vortimo is super useful for research because it gives you full text search of pages you’ve visited as well as snapshots of those pages for memory context”

Dominic White, CEO (SensePost)

“Personal web archive and search engine for my browser history, it’s an amazing tool!”

Vortimo has been exceptional during OSINT investigations. It captures, catalogs and archives websites locally while-you-browse, allows for keyword searches within the scraped data and automatically identifies recurring e-mails, phone numbers, and other objects you might miss otherwise.

“Our digital exhausts produce more information than ever before. Trying to successfully manage collection, processing, exploitation and production today is a tough task. Vortimo made it easier to see the paths needed for an investigation.”

“Vortimo is one of the essential OSINT tools we use for our deep dive investigations to combat domain name security threat.”

Theo Geurts, GRC Officer at RealtimeRegister.com