We launched Vortimo Beta 3 yesterday – after 10 months of development. But, it turns out that Google had other plans. They marked the Chrome extension as ‘suspect’ – as they should have – we obviously require mad permissions:

If you have the old Beta 2 extension installed and the Beta 3 server running everything should work fine – except you would not get the benefit of the new extension. Meaning no augmented browsing, no heads-up display, no marking of objects. Beta 2 coolness, but not Beta 3 coolness. The old extension also doesn’t honor the ignore list (e.g. sites you don’t want to ever record).

If you have access to Beta 3 and you have installed the server but you can’t install the extension – just wait. Google will hopefully soon approve the extension and then you’re ready to go.

We will keep you up to date via Twitter.

PS: If you don’t have access to Beta 3 – you basically just have to ask. Either beta@vortimo.com or DM @VortimoTech.