Great news! Google has reviewed the extension and – surprise surprise – came to the conclusion that it’s not malware. They also gave us an A+ for logo design (they did not).

It means that we are all good to (re)release Vortimo Beta 3. The Beta 3 web page has been updated – the Chrome store link has been changed to the actual store entry. If you signed up you’ll also get an email with the link. But you’re here right now – so just click below:

If you had access to the Beta 2 extension – your extension should automatically update to Beta 3. Unfortunately you will need to reload all tabs – the ‘restart your computer’ of 2019 – to activate the new extension. The new extension will bitterly complain if you’re running an old version of the server – if so – just download the latest one from the Beta 3 page.

We have also created an amazing Vortimo tutorial – read all about it here:

You could/should still sign up for v1.0 on the Vortimo front page because it makes us happy when people sign up.

Happy hunting!