Vortimo 1.2 is [good to go]. The main features of this release are:

  • Upgrade of OrientDB
    • More stable server start-up
    • OrientDB less likely to crash and corrupt data (yay)
  • Integration of OSINT-tool Chrome extension’s functionality into the Vortimo extension
    • Making sure that both extension play together well
  • Separation of binary data (think pictures on webpages) from the database
    • No more need to ‘rinse’ DBs
    • Deletion of unwanted visits — much much faster
    • Exporting is faster
    • Exported data is smaller, DBs are smaller on disk
    • OrientDB seems more stable without binary data…
  • Moving enrichment out of Vortimo and into OSINT-tool (old Skylight)
  • Fixed nasty capture bug that made all screenshots looks 240p
    • This happened because of a Chrome update that added restrictions on capturing the browser’s screen.
  • Default is now list mode (it seems like people like this more)
  • When URLs cannot be classified it will show in full.

Because of the massive changes in database operation, version 1.2 is not backward compatible with 1.1. or 1.0’s databases. It means – export the pages you need before you upgrade.

When we released OSINT-tool (formerly known as Skylight) I thought about adding things like tracking objects on pages, giving the user the ability to annotate it – basically day dreaming what it could look like if I could develop anything I fancied. I put some of this on paper (real paper and ink) and played with the ideas as it happened. After about 3 iterations I ended up with… what we have in Vortimo today. I honestly believe that the way Vortimo works today is the perfect way to assist in online investigations. And so, even if I can remake Vortimo again from scratch with no limitations it would end up to be pretty much the same as it is today. Sure, it can be faster, smaller footprint etc. and there are still hundreds of features that can be added (starting with adding your own objects) — but the design of the UI, the way it augments the browser, the base functionality – is perfect – in my opinion.

I have decided to make 1.2 free for anyone that is not a company. If you are using Vortimo in your company to render a service/product that you’re getting money for – then it’s only fair to buy a license. If it’s just you – it’s free if you ask us. In turn don’t expect to get fantastic support – you’ll get it when I get to your email.

I hope that 2022 is better than 2021 was for many people. Happy New Year.

Roelof Temmingh

30 Dec 2021.