In the lastest episode of OSINTCurious one of the participants (Nico – think it was you! ) said that Vortimo needs a bit of a tutorial because it had ‘many buttons’ and looked complex. 🙂 And uhmm – he was using Beta 2. So…..

Since we’re releasing Beta 3 today (again – I know) I thought it would be nice to have some documentation. And we love writing documentation. It’s a real strength. Also such pleasure to write it. And that’s why we didn’t – and created this amazing video:

I know it’s not an excuse for a proper manual (although… isn’t it? ) The video is LONG – it’s a whopping 40 minutes long. However – if you sit through it and play along it will take you 40 minutes to become a Vortimo power user. Unfortunately not everything on the Internet is made to fit into easily digestible 15 second clips.

If you don’t have 40 minutes (busy / lazy / tea) – there’s an index at the bottom of the video, or just play it back at twice the speed. I know that there is a fair amount of waffling and discussing Indian and Australian cricket players – for that I apologize.

I hope this works as interim documentation. Let us know!